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Organizational Development

Most organizational improvements can be best conceived in the minds of its members with the help of skilled facilitators to unearth the solutions. KGS can provide survey, assessment, or interview questions, and lead sessions to help organizations clarify their own requirements and find solutions. Whether employing root cause analysis or appreciative inquiry techniques, KGS helps customers develop action plans the will pave the way to group development and organizational maturity. We can use data analysis and workforce planning techniques to help customers optimize workflow, supported by processes and procedures that support the workplace.

Organizational Development

Services include: Cultural and Environmental Scanning, Data Gathering, Action Planning, Change Management, Organizational Restructuring, and Team Building

Expertise in the Field
KGS supported the Defense Threat Reduction Agency with audit readiness and other financial management activities. The FIAR team faced some organizational challenges in preparing audit documentation because of inputs and guidance coming at irregular intervals during the preparation process. KGS facilitated a number of root-cause analysis sessions were issues were identified and brainstormed. These activities culminated in the development of an action plan to address issues and recommendations in project management to minimize the disruption.