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NightWatch 20120919

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For the night of 19 September 2012

China-US: For the record. In Beijing today, anti-Japanese crowds attacked and damaged the official vehicle in which the US Ambassador to China was riding. The ambassador was not hurt, but the vehicle was damaged.

US-Muslim countries: For the record. Mainstream news organizations reported that US diplomatic facilities will be closed in 20 countries this Friday as a precaution against anti-US demonstrations.

Comment: A growing number of reports indicate that the attacks on US Embassies in the past week were not spontaneous.

Special comment: Readers need to know that since 11 September 2012, US diplomats, military forces and a cabinet secretary have been subjected to attacks, insults, property damage and the murder of an ambassador and three other men. The affronts and killings have occurred in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. This explosion of anti-American sentiment, over two weeks, is without precedent in the past 45 years.

End of NightWatch for 19 September.

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