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About NightWatch

NightWatch began as an experiment in analysis of open source information about events affecting US national security interests. The experiment was to determine whether unclassified data provided enough substance to support the kinds of intelligence judgments provided to senior US government officials in classified channels. The experiment continues.

NightWatch is an executive commentary and analysis of events that pose or advance threats to US national security interests. It is deliberately edgy in the interest of clarity and brevity. As a product for executives, the distribution and all feedback comments are anonymous.

The organization is the same every day: NightWatch follows the sun. NightWatch makes no attempt to prioritize the issues it covers. By definition, if an event is treated in NightWatch it is worth noting. Articles on the Pacific Ocean region and Asia will always be found in the same place, first. The rest will follow the sun.

The criteria for identification of threats and for the commentary on them are based on more than 40 years of experience in strategic intelligence analysis.

NightWatch maintains at least 90% accuracy for its judgments. Long experience has shown that this level of accuracy is replicable and sustainable indefinitely with diligence.

NightWatch editions occasionally will contain special topics, including Notes to Analysts, Studies in Democracy, Too Good to Omit and Tonight’s Good News. These respond to a widespread need for on the spot identification of analytical lessons and a general complaint by senior national security officials that intelligence never presents humorous or good news.

Feedback is a distinctive feature of NightWatch in that feedback messages always receive a personal reply. NightWatch politely declines to engage in debate but does publish anonymously well-reasoned and supported alternative views, corrections and clarifications.