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COP Solutions

Agile enterprises must have ready access to actionable information from multiple, disparate data sources for real-time situational awareness, risk mitigation, and outcome optimization. KGS clients rely on our proven Data Confidence® consulting solutions, including the powerful Common Operational Picture (COP), for actionable information, powerful predictive analyses, and forward-looking views from key enterprise data sources. The COP ensures the visibility and transparency of enterprise data needed for sound, timely, and effective decision making to achieve business goals and objectives.

The Data Confidence® Difference

KGS Data Confidence® solutions comprise comprehensive, agile and proven approaches to data, information, and knowledge management which we have consolidated under a single proprietary methodology called Data Confidence® to capture the essence of our value proposition to clients. A major component of our Data Confidence® solutions is our Common Operational Picture (COP) offering designed to address challenges that arise when a number of diverse data sources need to be normalized and examined in context with one another.

KGS COP Solutions provide an out-of-the-box (yet easily customizable) solution to merge and compare data from disparate sources, baseline existing infrastructure, identify capability “gaps”, highlight data anomalies within the enterprise, provide situational awareness, assess emerging technologies, and facilitate the adoption of enabling information management technologies that span critical areas. KGS’ COP offerings expedite and ensure confidence when transforming data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into action. It significantly increases the speed and effectiveness of establishing an enterprise view, identify critical paths and potential problem areas, thereby improving operational readiness and support and accelerating the pace of transforming raw data into the actionable information required to improve system access, availability, accessibility, continuity, cost effectiveness and quality.

COP Solutions and Benefits

KGS’s Data Confidence® solutions rapidly, effectively, and efficiently connect people with the actionable data and information they need to excel in performing the enterprise mission. Critical elements that distinguish KGS’ COP offerings are:

  1. Data Governance policies, processes, and governance bodies to assign clear lines of responsibility and accountability for managing enterprise data and information assets
  2. Actionable enterprise architecture, including a logically integrated enterprise information layer to harmonize data from multiple, disparate sources and present them in a coherent enterprise view; and “virtualizing” the source databases into a single version of the truth represented in the form of a collection of architectural artifacts, including, for example, a Conceptual Data Model, Ontology, and Business Glossary
  3. High-performing, pre-assembled teams composed of information management experts and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who on day one of a project are organized and prepared with a plan to swiftly deliver reliable results

Solution Details

Quick-Start Toolkit Promoting Data Confidence

Clients use our out-of-the-box (yet easily adaptable) quick-start toolkit of artifacts to rapidly and reliably establish a common operational picture, promoting Data Confidence® and providing situational awareness. This comprehensive starter set includes common requirements and use cases, a comprehensive list of enabling technologies in the designated market space (including open source, GOTS, and COTS), data models

Concept of Operations (ConOps) Development

Our COP solution includes a ConOps module that enables rapid identification and documentation of requirements, use cases, and the ConOps development which the technologies must support. A value-added feature of this offering is the representation of the ConOps in the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) views. The DoDAF views representation enables rapid technology transfer and the ability to adopt and incorporate viable information management technologies into existing systems of record.

Architecture and Data Integration

The component of our COP offering is unparalleled in industry because it incorporates KGS’ robust, award-winning enterprise data management best practices for enterprise architecture, data governance, data conversion, data mapping and transformation, data cleansing, data integration, and information sharing.

Our approach to these activities aligns with and reinforces DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy concepts, DoDAF, and information exchange models and standards including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and Joint Command, Control and Communication Information Exchange Model (JC3IEDM).