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NightWatch 20121022

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For the night of 22 October 2012

Administrative note: Tonight was a light international news night.

North Korea-South Korea: A group of North Korean defectors launched balloons loaded with 120,000 propaganda leaflets in Ganghwa today, despite having been blocked from the initial launch site by South Korean security forces.

According to reports by South Korean media, there were signs that North Korean forces were readying artillery hours before the balloons were launched.

Comment: Readers should expect to learn of North Korean artillery or rocket fire against the launch site, although the North Koreans control the timing of any attacks.

Syria: Update. According to an Arab League official, the unrelenting fighting has undermined prospects for a truce in honor of Eid al-Adha. There is too little time to arrange a truce that the hundreds of opposition fighting groups will honor.

End of NightWatch for 22 October.

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