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NightWatch 20100922


For the Night of 22 September 2010

Administrative notice: Owing to a local power failure, NightWatch is truncated tonight.

The Fishing Boat Confrontation

China: Premier Wen Jiabao in New York for the UN General Assembly session said Japan must release the illegally detained Chinese captain "immediately and unconditionally…. If Japan clings to its mistake, China will take further actions, and the Japanese side shall bear all the consequences." He made the comments during a 22 September meeting with representatives of Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans in the United States

Echoing the Premier, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu also urged Japan to release unconditionally the Chinese trawler captain. "It is a severe violation and flagrant challenge of China's territorial sovereignty for Japan to detain illegally Chinese fishermen and ships in waters off the Diaoyu Islands and insist on performing a so-called domestic judicial process involving the Chinese captain."

"Japan's action has aroused strong indignation among the Chinese people and severely undermined bilateral ties with China.…It is all too natural for China to make a necessary response," she said. "Japan's sophistry is untenable."

Japan: Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku told the press Japan and China should hold high-level talks as soon as possible to ease the diplomatic row.

Comment: The Chinese continue to ratchet up the confrontation by having the head of government, Premier Wen, join the public debate. That means China has staked its full faith and credit on recovering a single fishing boat captain. The leadership boxed themselves by defining the issue as a challenge to China's territorial sovereignty and cannot back down without losing face with the Chinese people.

Chinese leaders only behave in this blunt,  un-Asian manner on territorial sovereignty issues. The 2005 Anti-secession Law gives them little flexibility on issues of sovereignty and territorial integrity. That law authorizes the use of non-peaceful means to protect China's territorial integrity, which includes the territories it claims, such as the Senkakus.

With respect to the Senkakus, however, Deng Xiaoping at one point indicated to the Japanese they were not significant to China and ceded them. China actually printed maps showing them as Japanese possessions, but only for a brief period.

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End of NightWatch for 22 September.

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