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August 17, 2015 – KGS Awarded Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Comptroller Support Contract

KGS was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to fulfill its requirement for Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Support. Through this contract, KGS will continue to provide DARPA’s Office of the Comptroller (COMP) with Project Management Support, Core Agency Financial Management Support, and Decentralized Financial Management Support.

“KGS has been a key component of DARPA's Comptroller (COMP) staff since 1994 and is pleased to continue to build on our 20 year relationship,” said Pat Moneymaker, Chairman and CEO of KGS. “By supporting DARPA COMP’s planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process, we hope to enable DARPA to fulfill its mission to create breakthrough technologies for national security and make new capabilities for overcoming the multifaceted threats and challenges that lie ahead possible.”

DARPA COMP is the nucleus of “corporate” fiscal activities and prepares and submits the consolidated annual Agency budget. For more information on how KGS supports its efforts, please contact KGS's Vice President of Defense and Security Solutions (DSS), Hussein Basaria at

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